The mosquitoes of British Columbia

Dan has spent countless hours studying mosquitoes and is a B.C. mosquito expert.


There are 51 species of mosquito known from B.C.

Aedes aboriginis
Aedes aloponotum
Aedes campestris
Aedes canadensis
Aedes cataphylla
Aedes cinereus
Aedes communis
Aedes diantaeus
Aedes decticus
Aedes dorsalis
Aedes euedes
Aedes excrucians
Aedes fitchii
Aedes flavescens
Aedes hendersoni
Aedes hexodontus
Aedes impiger
Aedes implicatus
Aedes increpitus
Aedes intrudens
Aedes japonicus japonicus
Aedes mercurator
Aedes melanimon
Aedes nevadensis
Aedes nigripes
Aedes pionips
Aedes provocans
Aedes pullatus
Aedes punctor
Aedes riparius
Aedes schizopinax
Aedes sierrensis
Aedes spencerii spencerii
Aedes spencerii idahoensis
Aedes sticticus
Aedes togoi
Aedes vexans vexans
Aedes vexans nipponii

Anopheles earlei
Anopheles freeborni
Anopheles punctipennis

Culex pipiens
Culex restuans
Culex tarsalis
Culex territans

Culiseta alaskaensis
Culiseta impatiens
Culiseta incidens
Culiseta inornata
Culiseta minnesotae
Culiseta morsitans
Culiseta particeps

Coquillettidia perturbans



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